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IoT For The Real World

Summer Farm

Seirrowon Labs aims to provide cost effective solutions to enable the technology for years to come. 


Internet of Things(IoT)

We have a decade of experience with remote sensors and remote control of devices. We focus on robust and reliable solutions to meet any industrial or Agricultural need.

RF Communications, WIFI, Bluetooth, ISM and LoRa

We have experience with most current communication methods for remote devices. Cellular is great where you have coverage, however complete coverage is rarely the case. We use a variety of methods to bridge the gaps in connection.

Embedded Hardware solutions

Our team of Hardware and Firmware engineers allows us to create custom solutions for any application.

High Precision GNSS; Products and Design assistance

We have over 20 years experience in GNSS and vehicle control(autonomy). Positioning solution have evolved quickly over the years and we are experienced with core solutions and augmented solutions.

Advanced Performance Monitoring of Remote Equiptment 

Using Edge Computing we have move the basic analysis of data to the point of collection. Reducing the amount of data transmission so AI processing can be focused on the correct data

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